Foreign media list of the world's top ten sustainable buildings, nearly half of China on the list

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2015-11-10 00:00

          On the morning of the 25th, Governor Li Chengyu met with Xie Guomin, President of Thailand Zhengda Group, and his entourage in Zhengzhou to participate in the second session of the China Expo. In the face of agricultural province and the emerging industrial province glows with vitality, Xie national especially optimistic about the coal chemical industry, fibre ethanol, food deep processing and other cooperation.

  Yesterday, after listening to Governor Li Chengyu's introduction of Henan's food industry and energy industry, Xie Guoqiang showed great interest in cooperation with Henan. "I have full confidence in the development of Henan." Xie Guomin said. In addition, Zhengda Group is trying to replace petrol with rice straw and has successfully used corn stalks instead of petrol. "The oil crisis never drove agricultural development before, but this round of oil resource constraints has brought agriculture up, with the world price of corn doubling and the price of tapioca more than doubling. This kind of drive has many opportunities for a big agricultural province like Henan."

   Xie National is very interested in the deep processing of agricultural and livestock products. He said that in Thailand, because of all the computer control, a person can raise more than 100,000 laying hens, from eggs to egg yolks to egg powder, sold at home and abroad, through the deep processing of products, farmers into "factory owners", Henan is currently promoting the industrialisation of agriculture and the construction of a new socialist countryside, Zhengda Group can provide more technological support. Li Chengyu said to Xie Guomin.

  Li Chengyu said to Xie Guomin, fibre ethanol, Henan is very concerned about the small-scale experiment, the project has a broad prospect, I hope that Zhengda Group can also be involved.

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