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           June 16, 2008 held in Suzhou, "insulating glass with silicone structural sealant", "stone with building sealant" national standards for the first working meeting. 2007 National Standards Commission issued the "insulating glass with silicone structural sealant" plan No. 20072582-Q-609, "stone with building sealant" plan No. 20072580-T-609 national standard Plan, by the China Chemical Building Materials Corporation Suzhou Waterproof Materials Research and Design Institute organised by the relevant units responsible for drafting.

   At the meeting, representatives from more than 20 units across the country on the content of the standard, test methods, test items, etc. were discussed. Silicone structural sealant for insulating glass is the second sealant for insulating glass structural assembly, which is different from ordinary curtain wall assembly with silicone structural adhesive, first of all, the need for higher weather resistance, while in the structure of the use of the appropriate elongation, if the sealant deformation is large, it is easy to cause a sealing of the destruction of the butyl adhesive, loss of function. To this end, a consensus was reached, the sealant tensile bond strength indicators to retain the requirements of GB16776, but the weathering test to improve the requirements to delete the elongation requirements and report modulus, hardness and heat aging according to the test to adjust the indicators to increase the low elongation of the fixed stretch and modulus requirements to ensure that the product has a certain degree of elasticity deformation capacity, but also be able to have a high modulus at low elongation, to ensure that a seal of the Complete. In the appendix, a sealant and two sealant compatibility test method and judgement, a sealant, two sealant and weathering adhesive compatibility test method and judgement, while the sealant three-sided bonding and other aspects of the test study.

   Stone with construction sealant of the current industry standard JC/T883 to regulate the stone glue market has played a role, but with the GB/T13477-2002 method standard, the implementation of the new sealant grading standards need to be modified, while as a stone glue in order to aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes the glue joints are narrow, the sealant's displacement capacity requirements, the need to have 50-level products. The original 883 standard in the polluting test method of stone adhesive long-term use of pollution generated by the correlation is not strong, the test results can not truly respond to the actual engineering, the need to improve the test method.

   The meeting arranged the next step of the work plan, discussed the composition of the standard drafting group. Requirements for the relevant enterprises to immediately provide samples to carry out verification tests, one-component sealant 6 to 8, two-component sealant about 5kg sent to the Suzhou Institute. (China building waterproofing network)

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