Foreign media list of the world's top ten sustainable buildings, nearly half of China on the list

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2015-11-10 00:00

          China Adhesive Industry Association has recently released the first "Adhesive Industry Code of Ethics Report" in China, a move that will promote the standardised and healthy development of the industry. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association affirmed this practice of Adhesive Industry Association.

   According to Yang Weicai, vice president of China Adhesive Industry Association, in recent years, China's adhesive industry is developing rapidly, product output and quality have been improved substantially, and a large number of products have been awarded the title of China's Famous Brand Products and China's Well-known Trademarks. He pointed out that behind the rapid development of the industry, but also presents such as environmental protection, product quality and intellectual property rights and other issues that need to be resolved.

   In this regard, China Adhesive Industry Association, according to the General Office of the State Council, "on accelerating the reform and development of industry associations and chambers of commerce of a number of opinions," the spirit of the instructions, especially the development and implementation of the "Code of Ethics for the Adhesive Industry Report". According to the "Code of Ethics Report", enterprises are required to conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, effectively carry out the implementation of national industrial policy, accelerate scientific and technological progress and innovation; to strengthen the industry, the construction of corporate ethics, to establish a modern enterprise image of quality, reputation, contract compliance, service; strictly in accordance with national standards, industry standards for the organisation of production; to safeguard the legitimate interests of the enterprises in this industry, and advocate the protection of intellectual property rights in the industry, against unfair competition; honesty and compliance with industry standards. It also advocates the protection of intellectual property rights in the industry, opposes unfair competition, operates in good faith and abides by the law, and eliminates falsehoods and frauds.

   China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) believes that the formulation of "Code of Ethics Report" by the industry is in line with the requirements of enterprise integrity building and the direction of reform of the Association. and the reform direction of the association, can strengthen the industry's self-discipline, and is conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

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