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1 Theme content and scope of application
This standard specifies the determination of adhesive nonvolatile content of equipment, test temperature, test steps and test results.
This standard applies to adhesives with obvious quality loss when heated and volatilised.
2 Principle
Determination of non-volatile content of adhesive is to make the sample at a certain temperature after heating for a certain period of time, to the percentage value of the mass of the sample after heating and the mass of the sample before heating.
3 Instrumentation and clamouring equipment
3.1 Blower oven: temperature fluctuations of not more than ± 2 ℃.
3.2 Thermometer: 0 ~ 150 ℃, graduated value of 1 ℃.
3.3 weighing container: diameter 5mm, side height 30mm weighing bottle or aluminium foil dish.
3.4 analytical balance: the sense of 1 mg.
3.5 Dryer: a dryer equipped with colour-changing silica gel.
4 test temperature, test time and sampling volume
4.1 Amino system resin adhesive: test temperature 105 ± 2 ℃, test time 180 ± 5min, the amount of 1.5g sample.
4.2 Phenolic resin adhesive: test temperature 125 ± 2 ℃, test time 60 ± 2min, sampling volume 1.5g.
4.3 Other adhesives: test temperature 105 ± 2 ℃, test time 180 ± 5min, the sample size 1.0g.
5 test steps
According to the requirements of the adhesive sample weighing, accurate to 0.001g, placed in the test temperature has been constant weight and weighing of the container, into the test temperature has been adjusted according to the blower temperature oven heating, heating time according to the provisions of Chapter 4. Take out the specimen, put it into the desiccator to cool to room temperature, weigh its mass.
6 Expression of results
The content of non-volatile matter is calculated according to the following formula:

Where: X--Nonvolatiles content, %;
m(1)--Mass of specimen after heating, g;
m - mass of sample before heating, g.
The test results are taken as the average of two parallel tests, and the test results are retained with three valid digits.
7 Test report
a. Source of specimen, name of specimen, date of manufacture, date of test;
b. Test temperature, test time;
c. Non-volatile matter content, per cent.

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